Please stay a while...

Well, hello there!  Thank you for stopping by!  Please feel free to take a little look around and stay as long as you would like!  Every journey in life has little moments found within it that help to tell the entire story. Wether it be the soft sweet yawn of a fresh newborn babe...the wiping of tears from moments of pure joy and happiness...the family heirloom now adorning the exquisite bride's neck...the tassel found draping over a graduation cap...the love, laughter, and comfort found within the sacred institution of a family. These are the tender and genuine moments that I find myself obsessing over. They too have a reason for being and enhance this wonderful story unfolding daily that we call life! 

Thank you for allowing me to define my moments through your journeys!

it's all because of you

I am truly humbled at the many opportunities that have come my way through this little journey!  Thank you for allowing me to partake in something that brings me so much joy!  

Words of Gratitude

priceless treasures

We are loving all of these pictures!  You have captured priceless treasures for us!  Thank you!

the best experience

This was the BEST experience we have had working with a photographer.  Thank you for all of your attention to the details and just making our daughter's wedding day perfect!

Just Perfectly

You captured everything just perfectly!  Thanks for everything!